Working on innovating the greenhouse standard on a daily basis.


ModulAIR is the result of continued development of the semi-closed greenhouse design.

Van der Hoeven has created their own semi-closed design in which the limitations of the closed greenhouses were solved and an optimal balance between traditional and future was found.

The benefits of a ModulAIR greenhouse:



A better controlled interior climate;
Optimal use of energy and CO2;
Minimal use of pesticides;
Better crop quality;
Sustainable production.

A combination of these factors leads to a higher return on your investment. By adjusting the ModulAIR greenhouse design step by step to the demands of the crop, the local climate, and the availability and the cost of energy, we support the client in choosing the ideal configuration of the different modules which are available.

One of the unique features in de ModulAIR design is the use of the ModulAIR ridge ventilation instead of the traditional roof windows. This reduces shadow and wind influences and improves the climate control.


*The design of the ModulAIR depends on local conditions and legislation

Solar greenhouse Novi-sol

Solar energy, an alternative to fossil fuels.

The planet’s reserves of fossil fuels are gradually being exhausted, and alternative energy sources are increasingly being sought. Solar energy can be an appealing alternative to fossil fuels. With our solar greenhouse NOVI-SOL, we have created proven, innovative solutions and have been able to flexibly build on new technological developments. The solar panels are perfectly integrated within the roof construction of the greenhouse, resulting in maximum efficiency and energy yield.

Venlo Greenhouse

For any cultivation under glass

Internationally, the Venlo greenhouse is viewed as the most successful type of greenhouse. No wonder, the Venlo greenhouse is ideal for any type of cultivation under glass, regardless of the climate.  Looking into the future our objective is to continually improve on the quality and usefulness of the Venlo greenhouse. In doing so, our starting point is to realize maximum light transmittance and optimum climate control. Van der Hoeven has the flexibility to apply new technological innovations immediately as soon as these become available.

Circular City Greenhouses

Sustainable fruit and vegetable production in high tech greenhouses using resources recovered from urban waste streams.  

Circular City Greenhouses by Van der Hoeven offers a cross-sectoral solution where high-tech greenhouses repurpose urban waste streams, helping regions go from linear to circular economies. Explore a world where food security and circularity are the norm, benefiting industries, cities, regions, and above all people.

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