Van der Hoeven brings new dimension to Controlled Environment Agriculture by opening office in the United States

The world is increasingly realizing that we need to preserve our planet and that it requires a more sustainable approach on agriculture. Additionally, people across the globe deserve access to healthy food. The demand for locally grown and healthy food continues to grow in the U.S. as well. Moreover, the U.S. continues to be a strategic hub for global decision-making in Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA). Van der Hoeven Horticultural Projects therefore announces to open office in the U.S.

With its passion for technology, Van der Hoeven Horticultural Projects (Van der Hoeven) has been at the forefront of advancing the CEA industry since its origination. For decades Van der Hoeven has been establishing large scale growing operations around the world and has become an industry leader. Van der Hoeven aims to further advance the industry towards sustainable food infrastructure in the U.S. and abroad.

The office will be located in New York City. From this office, Van der Hoeven will support its customers and stakeholders throughout the entire CEA value chain with integrated design, build and operating solutions. In close collaboration with customers, Van der Hoeven assesses projects throughout the infrastructural design life from both financial and sustainable perspective. This approach minimizes the footprint of the crop and provides viable financial returns. Projects will be de-risked and made future-proof by applying the most advanced technologies, accustomed to project needs. Bas Duijvestijn will be heading the office and will relocate to the U.S.

Michiel Schoenmaeckers, CEO Van der Hoeven: “Our mission is to provide a sustainable taste everywhere. The aspiration of this move is to be closer to our customers and stakeholders in order to advance the dialogue on a project basis towards responsible decision making for tomorrow’s food infrastructure. We wish Bas and his team the best of luck in his assignment.”

About Van der Hoeven Horticultural Projects

Van der Hoeven is a global leader in the horticultural industry. The company designs initial concepts, engineers projects from a financial and sustainability point of view, constructs them and is able to take operating responsibility. The company focuses specifically on tailored solutions with a reduced footprint of produce, specifically concerning carbon dioxide, pesticides and water discharge. The company continuously invests in R&D to strengthen its propositions. This vision allows Van der Hoeven to operate its business successfully for a better future.