Circular City Greenhouses
Turning Challenges into Opportunities

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Our story
Our story


The world is increasingly realizing that we need to preserve our planet and that it requires a much more sustainable approach on agriculture. Also, the world deserves access to healthy food. Our mission is to provide a sustainable taste anywhere.

At Van der Hoeven we design, build, and operate sustainable greenhouse projects that grow year-round high-quality crops - even in the world’s most extreme climates.

Areas of expertise





We model both economical (both Capex and Opex) and sustainability characteristics of the anticipated concept design. This also includes sensitivity analyses to better understand the risk profile for each concept. By doing so, we can advise customers towards responsible decision making.

We design accustomed sustainable horticultural solutions. This includes climate solutions, water & electrical systems and all associated logistical equipment and systems. Our R&D and Design engineers work in dedicated teams towards optimal solutions for our clients.

We prepare & realize the designed infrastructure from scratch on site. Subsequently, the turnkey horticultural system will be commissioned and tested for operations.

Van der Hoeven is certified by HortiQ, a glasshouse design& construction quality control system based on ISO 9001. Van der Hoeven aims for zero incidents and accidents on site.

Our Operate & Maintenance (O&M) team is specialized in bringing a horticultural system from commissioning towards projected production efficiently. By doing so, the horticultural project is derisked from a production start-up point of view for investors.


We aim to allocate local resources for our project realization and operations. Where deemed of value add, we partner with local fabricators and service providers. By doing so, we actively contribute to a local horticultural ecosystem.